Lakeland Component Innovations

At Lakeland, manufacturing the finest quality spinner blades, casting spoons and trolling flutter spoons for the fishing tackle industry is our only business. Lakeland is one of the largest manufacturers and continues to offer more choices of size, pattern, shape, finish, paint, and custom application than any other lure component manufacturer.

Lakeland customers expect the best service in the industry and we exceed their expectations with continued innovation and service. Be sure to contact Lakeland to meet your fishing tackle component needs.


Vibrant Colors UV

Vibrant Colors feature a UV (ultraviolet) iridescent pearl base finish and color designs optimized for maximum attraction.

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Custom Branding

Create custom graphics or complex logos with Ultimate Fishing Images to create maximum brand recognition for your fishing tackle.

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Minnow Spinner Blade

Fish shape spinner blade featuring thin gauge brass base material. Available in plate finishes and Ultimate Fishing Images finish.

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Holographic Flash Foils

Plain, Shattered Glass, Watermark, and Brushed holographic foils are available on spinner blades, trolling spoons, and casting spoons..

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Willowleaf Fish Pattern

Unique fish pattern on willowleaf sizes 4 & 4-1/2. Available with Eye Cavity Depression to accomodate 3-D stick on eyes..

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Weedless Spoons

Weedless spoons featuring a riveted premium hook and stainless steel weedguard. Available in 3 sizes, and 5 patterns..

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Wide Body Casting Spoon

Unique wide body shaped casting spoons in 1/2oz. and 1oz. sizes. Available in plain and hammered patterns, and plate finishes.

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Thin Trolling Spoon

Thin (.016) gauge trolling spoons for enhanced action. Available in 5 sizes, plain and hex patterns, plate finishes, and UFI.

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Lakeland Innovations

Ultimate Fishing Images
Create digital images, Holographic Flash, and product identification.

Lakeland New Components
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