Ultimate Fishing Images® (UFI)

Create Digital Images, Holographic Flash, Custom Logos and Designs on Spinner Blades and Spoons

Lakeland Incorporated, Home of Ultimate Fishing Images, the most advanced finishes for enhancing spinner blades and spoons. High-definition color designs, realistic bait images, illustrations, complex graphics and logos can be produced directly on the finish of spinner blades and spoons. The UFI technique will provide long-lasting, fade resistant colors to a variety of spinner blades and spoons.




Vibrant Colors with UV

Lakeland’s Vibrant Colors feature a UV (ultraviolet) iridescent pearl base finish and color designs optimized for maximum attraction.

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Realistic Bait Images

High-resolution bait fish images that can be finished on Lakeland produced spinner blades, spoons, and weedless spoons.

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Custom UFI

Lakeland's Custom UFI create fishing tackle with your favorite photo, logo, or design.

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Holographic Flash

Create Maximum Flash and Attraction with Holographic Foil.img site

Pad Printing

Create Logos and Design Patterns.

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Ultimate Fishing Images
Create digital images, Holographic Flash, and product identification.

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