Lakeland Produced Spinner Blades



Lakeland is one of the largest manufacturers in the world – and that allows us to offer more choices of size, pattern, shape, finish, paint and custom application than any other lure component manufacturer. We offer 9 patterns for spinner blades, 6 premium plate finishes, leading edge paint finishes, and 5 base materials.

Just tell us what you need, and Lakeland can supply it.


Lakeland Produced Spinner Blades Available
Colorado Royal Willow Willowleaf Fish Pattern
Colorado Deep Cup In-Line Diamond Thunder
Colorado Premium French Delta Aluminum
Willowleaf Chopper Ice Blades
Minnow Doc Shelton Trolls Presto
Indiana Eye Cavity Blades Propeller
Indiana - Oval Fluted Musky & Pike Trolling Rudders
Magnum Willow Magnum  
Magnum Indiana Magnum Willoweaf

Lakeland Spinner Blade Performance Guidelines


Realistic Bait Images

Lakeland Realistic Bait Images feature high-resolution bait fish images finished directly on Lakeland produced spinner blades.


Vibrant Colors with Ultraviolet (UV) Finish

Lakeland's Vibrant Colors for Spinner Blades feature a UV (ultraviolet) iridescent pearl base finish and color designs optimized for maximum attraction.


Holographic Flash

Lakeland's Holographic Flash is the ultimate finish for maximum flash and attraction for spinner blades. 



Lakeland Innovations

Ultimate Fishing Images
Create digital images, Holographic Flash, and product identification.

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